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Digital Natives were yesterday

von Christian Scholz am 23. April 2014

Christian Scholz (Saarland University) is already thinking about Generation Z and what they will be like

Hot on the heels of Generation Y will come Generation Z. It will be a big generation gap. Generation Z is not prepared to work all hours; they want evenings and weekends for themselves. They have a hard and fast demarcation between ‘company time’ and ‘my time’. The successors to Generation Y commit to projects, not companies. That will have a big impact: People will go to project marketplaces to pick a project that interests them. They stay with the organization running that project just as long as their work on it lasts. They use social media selectively – that is, when they need to.

“Generation Z want to maximize their income and their pleasure in life,” Christian Scholz told the Forum. Another characteristic: You can’t closely monitor what Generation Z people are doing. The company pays them to complete a job, but it has to trust them to do it properly. Scholz’s assessment: “Generation Z people are realistic, not optimistic. They may be fickle in their choice of who to work for because they are always on the lookout for new challenges in new projects. They aren’t as prepared to go the extra mile as their Generation Y predecessors. Their attitude is more individualistic: they don’t join movements, they each find their own path.“

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