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Schade, .. verpasst

von Christian Scholz am 23. April 2014

Diese Ausstellung hätte ich gerne besucht. Nur leider verpasst und leider gibt’s im Netz nicht mehr als das dazu ….
Generation Z: Empowering Youth through Art and Community – Featuring Three Youth Programs from the Bay Area

Exhibition Dates: June 27th- July 12th, 2013
Opening Reception: Thursday June 27th 3pm – 6pm

The CCSC Art Gallery in collaboration with ASI Project Connect and The Richard Oakes Multicultural Center are excited to highlight emerging artists from our newest generation, ‘Generation Z.’ The exhibition focuses on work created by three high school youth programs: Homies Empowerment, College Opportunity Program, and Mundo Maya Project.  Below are the organizations’ summarized mission statements.

Oakland, CA
Homies Empowerment is an independent organization for gang impacted/gang involved youth. Homies Empowerment is based out of Oakland, CA and is strategically a non-governmental organization to have the autonomy to always speak truth to power. Through knowledge-of-self classes, youth leaders move “Adelante” finding their voice, their talents and their life’s path. In its brief four-year existence it has developed Raza History classes, weekly homies dinners, peace treaties and was the recent recipient of the Jefferson Award for Public Service in the Bay Area.

Galeria de la Raza
San Francisco, CA
Local Latino and Mayan lead artist, Roberto Y. Hernandez, uses his knowledge of Mayan art and culture as a vehicle for social change, instilling in youth an appreciation for Mayan cultural heritage while drawing awareness to issues regarding the environment, community, and spirituality.  Through art based workshops the youth participants developed works relating to Mayan culture and tradition in an effort to educate the public.

San Francisco, CA
College Opportunity Program is an informative summer program for high school sophomores and juniors to obtain leadership and life skills. C.O.P. prepares students to be confident and goal-orientated in their next steps after high school (i.e. workplace, college, technical school, etc.). Participants in the program individually define, outline, and determine their path to success.  The program assists students in achieving their goals.  Facilitators are volunteers from the San Francisco Police Department and educators from local high schools and colleges.

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